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Killer Samurai Sudoku is an advance form of Sudoku that combines 5 interlocking Killer Sudoku to form 'Killer Samurai Sudoku'. All the puzzles on this site are created by hand by the inventor of the puzzle: Melvyn Lawes.

NEW - Killer Samurai 24 is now ready for you to try and solve. (below)

Killer Samurai Sudoku Puzzle 24

Killer Samurai 24 - Download
Killer Samurai 24 Solution - Download

There also many more of these puzzles on this site which you can print off in printable word documents. Please feel free to try this new advance form of Sudoku.

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Other News

February 2006

Multimedia PressMultimedia Press in France have produced a new magazine which will feature the Killer Samurai Sudoku puzzles from this site. The magainze entitled "Killer Samurai Sudoku" l'utltime variante du Sudoku! is as far as Iam aware the first magazine to print this type of puzzle. More...

If you are interested in publishing these puzzles then please get in contact.

11th March 2006 - Added a new page with a limited edition black and white version of Killer Samurai Sudoku 10 which can be downloaded here.

7th December 2005 - Added a new page explaining the Killer Samurai Sudoku Rules in more detail. It also provides tips from Melvyn on how to solve the puzzles.


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